Philip Sayce The Wolves Are Coming

Release date:
February 23, 2024
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Philip Sayce's highly anticipated new album, The Wolves Are Coming, is more powerful, unique, and brash than anything he has written or recorded to date. "These songs and stories came into focus during my darkest times. The Wolves Are Coming represents a bridge - a connection between despair and hope - that invites broken spirits to be transformed and healed," - Philip Sayce. Songs like "Oh! That Bitches Brew" and "Backstabber" hit like hurricanes, while, "Lady Love Divine" explores the light in contrast to darkness with an uplifting, foot-stomping, funk groove that delivers hooks in all the right places. Ballads like "It's Over Now" and the magical instrumental "Intuition" round out Sayce's signature fuzz tones and sledgehammer mountain-sized drum grooves with delicate, intimate, and dynamic performances.

  • 1. (Oh! That Bitches Brew
  • 2. Lady Love Divine
  • 3. Babylon Is Burning
  • 4. Your Love
  • 5. It's Over Now
  • 6. Black Moon
  • 7. Blackbirds Fly Alone
  • 8. The Moon Is Full
  • 9. Backstabber
  • 10. Intuition
  • 11. This Is Hip)

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