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Phase 7 - Playtime

Phase 7


Release date: October 09, 2020
Green vinyl
Limited green-colored vinyl LP pressing. 1980 release. Serious tropical funk and disco from seriously talented musicians with a signature not-so-serious stage presence. Formed by a bond stronger than blood - friendship - the seven members of Phase 7 made their mark on Hawaii's nightlife in the 1970s with their high caliber musicianship and on-stage antics, captured in their highly coveted 1980 debut LP, Playtime. Their musical talents paired with their penchant for mischief often raised the bar while raising eyebrows. Playtime is a testament to the band's musicianship, vocal talents, songwriting skills, and aptitude for tomfoolery, in the studio and on stage.
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09 October 2020 / More records