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Peter Ivers -Becoming Peter Ivers

Peter Ivers

Becoming Peter Ivers (2xLP)

Release date: November 08, 2019
Label: Rvng Int'l
Demos are often better than records. More energy, more soul, more guts. Peter Ivers / Becoming Peter Ivers tells the story of the late Peter Ivers, a virtuosic songwriter and musician whose antics bridged not just 60s counterculture and New Wave music but also film, theater, and music television. Collected from a trove of previously unheard demos, studio sessions, and rehearsal recordings written and recorded in Los Angeles in the mid-to-late 70s, Becoming Peter Ivers pulls back the curtains on this mischievous master of ceremonies whose exploration of the outer limits of music, and of life, came to a tragic end in 1983. Mastered by Bob Weston, the CD includes a 24-page booklet with expansive liner notes and unseen ephemera.
  • 1.Take Your Chances with Me
  • 2.Eighteen and Dreaming
  • 3.Love Is a Jungle
  • 4.Conference Call at Four
  • 5.Peter
  • 6.Even Stephen Foster
  • 7.I'm Sorry Alice
  • 8.Deborah
  • 9.Miraculous Weekend
  • 10.Holding the Cobra
  • 11.Audience of One
  • 12.Alpha Centauri
  • 13.I've Seen Your Face
  • 14.My Grandmother's Funeral
  • 15.In Heaven
  • 16.My Desire
  • 17.The Night You Didn't Come
  • 18.Untitled
  • 19.Love in Flight (Piano Overture)
  • 20.Ain't That a Kick
  • 21.Jamaica Moon
  • 22.Happy on the Grill
  • 23.Window Washer (W/ Van Dyke Parks)
  • 24.You Used to Be Stevie Wonder
  • 25.Nirvana Cuba Waltz
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08 November 2019 / More records