Penelope Scott Mysteries for Rats / Girl's Night

Release date:
February 16, 2024
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Penelope Scott is a songwriter and producer who absorbs the mania and magnificence of Gen Z life in her expansive, entrancing, and extreme musical vision equally steeped in tender acoustic balladry and hyperpop paroxysms. Gathering hundreds of millions of streams and receiving widespread acclaim from Billboard and more, she showcases both sides of her sound on the 2023 double-EP, Girls Night and Mysteries for Rats.. "When I was making the project, I realized there was a split down the middle," she reveals. "Half of the songs are in the more acoustic folky style, and the other half are computerized synth sounds. So, I decided to do multiple EPs. It gives people different options and flavors already sorted out for them." Penelope explores every facet of who she is on the double-EP and appeals to a myriad of emotions in the process as just "a singer-songwriter, aspiring music software knower."

  • 1. Gross
  • 2. Mexico
  • 3. Sin Eater
  • 4. Shuffle
  • 5. Cemetery Pigeons
  • 6. Pseudophed
  • 7. Over the Moon
  • 8. Cabaret
  • 9. Cabaret 2
  • 10. Runaway
  • 11. Time of My Life

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