Peel Acid Star

Release date:
March 29, 2024
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When Sean Cimino and Isom Innis were getting ready to work on what would become Acid Star, the full-length debut of their syrupy electronic rock group Peel, they started by tapping into the music that they liked as kids. That is, the music they gravitated toward before they had “any taste or judgment,” as Innis puts it. The results are an album that swirls dance-music paint onto a rock canvas. Inspired in part by genre-bending Creation Records bands like Primal Scream and Madchester groups like Happy Mondays, Acid Star gives a modern spin on a classic formula. "This new song ["Citizen X"] does vibrate with the weird aura of a live show; there’s a sense of disorientation and detachment, and Cimino’s vocals—which are reminiscent of Paul Banks’ in Turn on the Bright Lights—are like a guiding light." FLOOD "Melding gothic post-punk with psychedelic synth-pop, “Rom-Com” casts a long, dark shadow—their retro synthesizers and gloomy textures give it a compressed, chilling feel—but its energetic grooves bring the song to life." - Paste" The song ["Citizen X"] itself began as a kind of shoegaze piece, with PEEL teasing out fresh elements while indulging their Cocteau Twins fetish." - Clash 1. Y2J 2. Climax 3. Manic World 4. In The Sedentary 5. OMG 6. Acid Star 7. Pavement 8. Cycle 9. Mall Goth 10. The Cloak

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