Peace Flag Ensemble Astral Plains

Release date:
July 14, 2023
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Peace Flag Ensemble are a free jazz collective from Saskatchewan, Canada. Their second LP, Astral Plains, arrives on July 14th via We Are Busy Bodies. While the group’s 2021 debut Noteland was described as “akin to getting stuck in a sensory deprivation tank with Keith Jarrett", in itself by no means a bad scenario, by contrast Astral Plains opens up, offering spacious and blue-sky arrangements and production. Perhaps it’s closer to laying in a prairie field looking for animals in the clouds with Mark Hollis. 1. The Work 2. You Can't Pin Joy Like A Moth 3. Agnes Martin Dreams Of Macklin 4. Shamble On 5. Waiting Is My Favourite Colour 6. Bluets 7. Natural Amble 8. Burner Phone 9. More Bill Joy Than John Wisdom 10. Love Notes (For Eli) 11. Too Beautiful For A Cubicle 12. Dark Matter, Light Humour

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