Pcm Dreamland

Release date:
September 15, 2023
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Dreamland is the third album from Italian ambient band PCM. This time out, the trio of Francesco Perra (P), Matteo Cantaluppi (C), Matteo Milea (M) veer away from the inter-cellular themes of their previous collections to shed aural light on what humans spend most of their life doing: sleeping. Each track on Dreamland focuses on a phase of sleep from that ever-frustrating half-awake feeling to tranquil R.E.M. and from disaffecting nightmares to blissful dreaming. As a result, each of the album's works float by, some with a cloudiness that mirrors confused sleepy feelings and others that display the vividness of the most memorable of dreams. 1. Unlseep 2. Dreamland 3. Astral Walk 4. R.E.M. Phase 5. Coma 6. Crystal Hypgnosis 7. Awakened 8. Nightmare Alley 9. Moonlight Sequence 10. Alarm Clock Lullaby

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