Paul Ruskay Homeworld Original Soundtrack

Release date:
March 1, 2024
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As the developers at Relic Entertainment busily crafted the grand space strategy of 1999's Homeworld, series composer Paul Ruskay was left largely to his own devices in crafting the now iconic score. He took diverse inspiration from Vangelis' score for Blade Runner, Brian Eno, the sampling of traditional instruments from all over the globe by Algerian DJ Cheb i Sabbah, and ambient electronica duo Delirium. Homeworld's score was born of limitations thanks to Ruskay's "primitive setup" of synthesiser, sampler and sequencer - at the time his Studio X Labs were being built around him - and this forced him to produce instinctive, live mixes. During the Homeworld Remastered Collection restoration process, Ruskay dug out the original music DAT tapes out of a shoe box, dusted off decade-old Pro Tool Studio sessions, and had uncompressed versions made of all tracks. Subtle, faithful musical elements were added to help widen the mixes of the first Homeworld, before it was then mindfully remixed and sequenced.

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