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Paul Leonard-Morgan -American Dharma

Paul Leonard-Morgan

American Dharma (2xLP)

Release date: July 17, 2020
Original motion picture soundtrack
Label: Rage Music
Format: Double Vinyl
Paul Leonard-Morgan is a BAFTA award winning, Emmy and Ivor Novello nominated composer and producer. His unique cinematic style of fusing orchestra with electronica has put him in high demand as a soundtrack composer and producer and arranger for bands. In 2016, Leonard-Morgan began working with Academy- Award winning director Errol Morris on a string of projects including the documentary feature B SIDE, the Netflix series WORMWOOD, and the Steve Bannon documentary AMERICAN DHARMA. Favorably characterized as "gripping," "rousing," and "sinister," Leonard-Morgan's score for AMERICAN DHARMA adds a dramatic tonal charge to the film's unsettling subject matter, enveloping Morris's incisive interrogation of Bannon in tenebrous suspense. Assembling a bricolage of ambient industrial and orchestral flourishes, Leonard-Morgan interlaces a deliberate, undulating sonic texture to acutely critique Bannon's malignant brand of masculinist demagoguery that the film seeks to expose.
  • 1.American Dharma
  • 2.Fear of the Unknown
  • 3.Revolution
  • 4.Globalism
  • 5.The Freak Show
  • 6.Corrupt
  • 7.Executive Orders
  • 8.Charlottesville
  • 9.Angry Voices
  • 10.Andrew Breitbart
  • 11.Billy Bush
  • 12.Go Fuck Yourself
  • 13.Apocalypse
  • 14.American Carnage
  • 15.In the Face of Evil
  • 16.American Horror
  • 17.Political Power
  • 18.The Bridge
  • 19.Comey
  • 20.The Accusers
  • 21.Muller
  • 22.Falstaff
  • 23.A Revolution Is Coming
  • 24.Trust No One
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