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April 15, 2022
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Tshona! is an influential collaborative album between pianist Pat Matshikiza, and saxophonist Kippie Moketsi originally released on The Sun label in 1975, also featuring Basil Mannenberg Coetzee. We Are Busy Bodies will reissue the album on April 15 as part of its Pat Matshikiza and Kippie Moketsi trilogy of releases. The album has been remastered from the original tape by Noah Mintz and artwork restored by Steve Lewin.

Tshona is a Xhosa command meaning plunge into the water or dive into a hole ' the meaning captured by artist Mafa Ngwenya in the cover drawing. Language purists, however, shake their heads and see a generation going to the dogs when they hear us in the townships saying 'Tshona' when we invite somebody to join us in work we are doing, or when we point to a destination and tell a guy: 'Tshona Khona'. But with the poetry of the young, we ignore the
purists and continue to invite people to our immersion: 'Tshona'.
- Joe Thloloe

1. Shrimp Boats
2. Stop and Start
3. Umgababa
4. Kippie’s Prayer

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