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Pastel Ghost - Ethereality (Blue Haze)

Pastel Ghost

Ethereality (Blue Haze)

Release date: March 31, 2023
Label: Cleopatra
The gorgeous sophomore album from electro dream wave artist Pastel Ghost, the follow-up to her enormously popular 2015 debut album Abyss that spawned the megahit "Dark Beach!" This album shows that "Dark Beach" is no fluke, Pastel Ghost is one of the most richly talented electronic artists on the scene and has only grown as a songwriter/producer in the years since her auspicious debut!
  • 1. Possession
  • 2. Emotion
  • 3. 3NDL3SS
  • 4. Sakura
  • 5. Iris
  • 6. Mercury
  • 7. Tears
  • 8. Amethyst
  • 9. Underwater
  • 10. Ethereality
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