Release date:
November 3, 2023
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The long-awaited release in May 2023, Pasocon Ongaku Club 4th album 'FINE LINE' will be released on LP. Based on the theme of 'life with aliens', this conceptual work combines the tranquility of everyday life, expectations for the unknown, and exciting extraordinary feelings in a light and sophisticated mood, running through pop music and dance music. A total of 13 songs where you can enjoy the carefully crafted soundscape and exquisite popness. Featuring artist chelmico, MICO (ex. SHE IS SUMMER, GIRLS FIGHT CLUB), Hayshi Aozora, The Hair Kid (MilkTalk), Mei Takahashi (LAUSBUB), Makoto Ori a. k. a Francis for narration, and compiled a variety of songs. The long-awaited analog version of the album, where you can enjoy their latest evolution in the electronic music scene. Shunsuke Sugiyama is in charge of the jacket design, and Ran Tondabayashi is the art director. Don't miss the artwork that has been put together with a unique sense. LISTEN:https://youtu. be/w7HRowQMyLATracklisting:Side

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