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March 25, 2022
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Pascal Schumacher's new album LUNA is in complete contrast to his previous release, SOL. And it's not just the play with the contrasting album titles that already points to the different moods of brightness and darkness. Both releases also come from different creative viewpoints. While SOL held something of a spontaneous discovery as Schumacher embarked on his first solo endeavor with the vibraphone after years of playing with bands and ensembles, LUNA captures a more contemplative side of Schumacher's work, which again was more about composing for other musicians. Specifically for the Belgian post-classical ensemble Echo Collective, which gives the album its many layers and textures. Despite the contrasts, SOL and LUNA don't become adversaries, quite the contrary. Their duality feels entirely complementary, the expression of natural musical evolution as day gently glides into the night.

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