Paramaecium Within The Ancient Forest

Release date:
November 11, 2022
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??This is their peak. You get a lot of folk medieval instruments not common in these bands. You get melodic songs, fast parts, clean vocals, sopranos, spectacular drumming, an involving mood, etc. What else do you want? Not that 'doomy' and/or deathly as Exhumed but still surpassed by the maturity of 'WTAFs' grandeur. Within the Ancient Forest finally finds a home on vinyl, which will enhance the cadence of these compositions. This is a must-have for any metal enthusiast, especially die-hard fans of death and doom metal. Count yourself fortuitous for picking up this under-appreciated treasure. Remastered for vinyl by Bombworks Sound (Rob Colwell), and packaged in a collector's styled Gatefold with lyrics! Limited to just 300 units! For fans of Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride!

  • 1. In Exordium
  • 2. Song of the Ancient
  • 3. I Am Not Alive
  • 4. The Grave, My Soul
  • 5. Gone Is My Former
  • 6. Resolve
  • 7. Of My Darkest Hour
  • 8. Darkness Dies

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