Paradise Lost Draconian Times Mmxi

Release date:
September 9, 2022
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Draconian Times is probably the main album for Paradise Lost, so much so that they still tour the album today, which remains one of the milestones in the Metal scene of all time. Recorded at The Forum in London earlier this live set including also a few favourite tracks to top off what was undoubtedly a special night. Are there any highlights? Oh yes. Opening track 'Enchantment' still ranks as one of the best songs this band has penned and the moment when the haunting piano intro gives way to the rest of the band kicking in is a real shiver-down-the-spine moment. 'Hallowed Land' and 'Forever Failure' (complete with Charles Manson intro) sound as powerful and relevant as when they first came out, and the performance of 'Shadow Kings' stands head and shoulders above the original. After being released on DVD and CD, the album was also released on double vinyl, here you will find two new unreleased colors and a truly exceptional packaging: this album comes out in deluxe Triple Gatefold edition, in two colors (Gold / Silver) 500 limited edition each.

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