Palm Rock Island (Milky Clear)

Release date:
November 17, 2023
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On Rock Island, their second LP, Palm produces evidence of a distinct musical language, developed over time, in isolation, and out of necessity. On the island, melodies are struck on what might be shells or spines. Rhythms are scratched out, swept over, scratched again. Individual instruments, and sometimes entire sections, skip and stutter. There is the sense of a music box with wonky tension or a warped transmission in which all the noise is taken for signal. Working again with engineer Matt Labozza, the band spent the better part of a month in a rented farmhouse in Upstate New York creating music with dimensionality. Sonic objects are deployed, developed, and dissected in various states of mutation. The listener flits about between the field and the lab. The tone is warm in a way only the sun could make, the pace as forceful and as variable as a gale. Vinyl comes with a download card housed in a single sleeve. 1. Pearly 2. Composite 3. Dog Milk 4. Forced Hand 5. Theme From Rock Island 6. Bread 7. Color Code 8. Swimmer 9. Heavy Lifting 10. 20664 11. (Didn't What You Want) Happen

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