Palette Knife New Game+

Release date:
June 2, 2023
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New Game+ the sophomore LP from Columbus, Ohio’s Palette Knife encompasses a vast array of rock/emo tunes that are reminceint of scene stalwarts Into It. Over It, Tiny Moving Parts or a more intricately guitar based Modern Baseball. The theme of New Game+ interweaves classic 16-bit tropes of “Death Screen” and “Pause Screen” seamlessly into the LP sequencing. The slow-building, fast climaxing ode to lockdown single “Jelly Boi” is spacious as it crescendos into a fast-paced guitar attack outro. On Damn Son, Dim Sum, the band gets right to it for two and a half minutes and churns out a riff-y pop-punk classic. Closer “…And That’s A Rock Fact.”, does what closers do and puts an empathic foot down on an entire piece of work that encapsulates what a rising rock/emo band is capable of.

  • 1. Death Screen
  • 2. Jelly Boi
  • 3. Avatar The Last Cakebender
  • 4. Quotients
  • 5. Pause Screen
  • 6. Weekend At Tony's
  • 7. Science Is Spooky Sometimes
  • 8. Letters From Momtown (feat. Left Out)
  • 9. Damn Son, Dim Sum
  • 10. Fog Gate
  • 11. Randal The Vandal With Apple
  • 12. Fuckin' A#
  • 13. ...And That's A Rock Fact

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