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Palehorse / Palerider - Legends Of The Desert: Volume 1

Palehorse / Palerider

Legends Of The Desert: Volume 1

Release date: October 02, 2020
The Legends of the Desert: Volume 1 is a brand new compilation series on vinyl LP by Desert Records. Volume 1 features Palehorse/Palerider (Denver, CO) and Lord Buffalo (Austin, TX), and stunning artwork by Joshua Mathus. Desert Records will release seven albums in the series over the next three years. These will feature new bands in the heavy underground along with veteran and classic desert rock bands. Volume 1 takes you on a trip through the desert where the skies are big, the rocks are red, the psychedelic trip is at it's peak. This will be your soundtrack to travel into the American Southwest. Available on limited edition vinyl LP, this is a must have for fans and collectors.
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02 October 2020 / More records