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Oxenfree - O.s.t. - Oxenfree Original Soundtrack (Orange)

Oxenfree - O.s.t.

Oxenfree Original Soundtrack (Orange) (2xLP)

Release date: February 24, 2023
Label: Iam8Bit
The last ferry hasn't left quite yet. In 2016, developer Night School Studio introduced us to their debut title, Oxenfree. It was a different kind of story-focused game - one that paid special attention to crafting organic, meaningful dialogue between it's cast, featuring down-to-earth conversations that contrasted dramatically with the game's paranormal narrative set on a time-looping island. For the game's soundtrack, composer SCNTFC weaves deftly between the natural and supernatural, turning in a score packed with eerie, otherworldly music, dotted with moments of low-key contemplation. iam8bit is proud to bring back by wildly popular demand the Oxenfree soundtrack on vinyl, six years after it's original release. It's presented here on 2xLP, pressed on an almost supernaturally translucent orange vinyl and packaged in updated artwork from the talented J. WAV, whose signature style is almost too perfect a fit for this title. Otherworldly conspiracy, or just luck? We'll let you be the judge.
  • 1. Lost (Prologue)
  • 2. Beacon Beach
  • 3. Epiphany Fields
  • 4. Towhee Grove
  • 5. Against the Rocks
  • 6. Cleanslate
  • 7. Alsos
  • 8. Cold Comfort
  • 9. Lantern
  • 10. Argonaut
  • 11. Catbird Station
  • 12. Against the Waves
  • 13. Dead Light
  • 14. Catchpole Station
  • 15. From the Leads
  • 16. The Gate
  • 17. Kanaloa
  • 18. Argonaut Atalanta
  • 19. Days Past
  • 20. The Beach, 7Am
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