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Oval -Scis



Release date: January 17, 2020
Label: Thrill Jockey
Oval has been a pioneer of electronic music since 1994 when he created an album that's been credited with creating glitch as a style. He continues to push bounds and Scis provides a uniquely personal and cinematic offering from the long-time innovator as he explores and re-imagines a club sound aesthetic.
  • 1.Twirror
  • 2.Robussy
  • 3.Fluoresso
  • 4.Pushhh
  • 5.Impecco
  • 6.Cozzmo
  • 7.Improg
  • 8.Mikk
  • 9.Oxagon
  • 10.Piqqo
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17 January 2020 / More records