Otis Rush Groaning The Blues

Release date:
October 27, 2023
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Otis Rush, a giant of modern blues! Capturing the explosive blues of Otis Rush in the 1950's, this LP compiles the 16 songs he released as singles from Cobra Records! Rush's stirring baritone. His slow-burning left-handed guitar playing. The backing band, in lockstep with Rush. It's almost too much to handle! One listen is all you need to know why Rush is considered a master of low and slow blues! Songs such as "Double Trouble" and "All Your Love (I Miss Loving)", composed by Rush and recorded for Cobra, are now considered blues standards, and listening to these recordings, it's clear why. "Laid off and I'm having double trouble", Rush belts after a slow burning guitar solo intro; and in that moment, you'll be washed over by every ounce of feeling that he pours into his singing. It's almost too much! If you're not gonna listen to this, what are you gonna listen to? The definitive compilation of Otis Rush's Cobra singles, now with an obi-strip, Groaning The Blues will have you moaning and groaning!

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