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Ora The Molecule -Human Safari

Ora The Molecule

Human Safari (2xLP)

Release date: July 23, 2021
Limited edition orange vinyl
Label: Mute
Mute US are delighted to announce the signing of Ora the Molecule and the release of their debut album, Human Safari. Out July 23rd on limited edition double orange vinyl, cd and digital formats. Ora the Molecule is a multinational avant-pop trio made up Norgwegian singer and band leader Nora Schjelderup, London-based drummer Sju Smatanova, and German synth player Jan Blumentrath. Together, they create an unexpected sound combining timeless nostalgia, smooth pop, and retro electronica. Ora the Molecule are united by a mutual love of dance music, all three of them DJing italo, electronica and techno. These electronic sounds are blended with the 80’s influences of Kraftwerk and Suzanne Vega. The lead single “Creator” is a jubilant exaltation of life featuring a triumphant chorus with a bright marimba motif. It’s a new sound in the pop music landscape featuring emotional Calypso-tinged melodies and dance oriented beats. Prior to signing with Mute, Ora the Molecule self released 7 singles and had a sync use for “Sugar” on the Netflix series, Messiah (Season 1 Ep. 9). The album cover and physical packaging of Human Safari showcases the beautiful watercolor artwork of french artist Lola Favre.
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23 July 2021 / More records