Onepointtwo Cycles

Release date:
January 26, 2024
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"Cycles is a concept which is deeply intertwined with everyday life, both on a micro and macro level. They manifest in various natural, biological and societal processes, influencing our daily routines, behaviours and the world around us. Unconventional rhythms and time signatures, complex patterns, evolving modulations and shifting textures were created and used to present it (Cycles) as an integral part of our existence, shaping how we navigate to the world, make decisions and experience the passage of time..." Kostas Giazlas (Onepointwo). Kostas hails from Thessaloniki, Greece, and describes himself as a keen record collector, who is "always trying to emulate a musical journey into space, time, memories and frequencies". With Influences ranging from late 50s electronic experimental sounds, motorik krautrock bands, lush shoegaze melodies and modern electronica, Onepointwo seeks to crystallise this musical backdrop via judicious use of minimal arrangements, abstract and distorted shortwave radio signals, dystopian soundscapes made up of both digital and analogue sources, all punctuated with heavily affected percussive sounds.

  • 1. Cycles
  • 2. Malnor
  • 3. Hollow World
  • 4. Obscurity
  • 5. Club Uranium
  • 6. Severance
  • 7. Sedna
  • 8. Here, in a Missing Dream

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