Onegram Aliens Part.1&2

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November 3, 2023
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From Onegram's first cover album 'Random Access Music' released last year, 'Connected Music', 'Trans Europe Express', 'Before You Walk Out Of My Life', 'Baby Can I Hold You', All of them have recorded good sales, but finally in response to many requests for a 7-inch version, Kirinji 'Aliens', which can be said to be the gold standard of mellow J-POP, has been newly edited for 7 inches and is called 'record's record. ' Day 2023' will be released!This song, which is 6 minutes and 13 seconds and cannot be recorded on a 7-inch, is recorded in two parts, and released as a special version that has been newly mixed for this 7-inch! Limited edition press, color vinyl! Onegram Profile Formed in 2011. Sakko, a reggae singer from Miyazaki Prefecture, and unique members who are active in various bands and sessions, are active mainly in clubs and live houses in Tokyo. While based on the organic rhythm of reggae, the pop that praises the urban mellowness gives off a unique presence. Released the 1st album 'GLOWING' in the fall of 2016. Three of them are produced by Reggae Maestro = Toshiya Mori, who is also currently leading MATT SOUNDS. It is a danceable content that responds to support from various genres of club scenes such as Reggae, House, Hip Hop, and Rare Groove. In December 2018, he teamed up with Flower Records to release a reggae disco cover of the great disco classic 'Crazy Love' by Alton McClain & Destiny on 7' vinyl. This song sold out immediately after it's release. In 2019, they released 3 7-inch albums in quick succession, and released their 2nd album 'Beginning' in 2019. It has received high praise from various quarters for it's rich content. After that, the momentum of the release did not stop, and the cover album 'Random Access Music' with Nagatoru Takamiya and ROCK-Tee as a new co-producer was released on LP and distribution. The 7-inch, which was released in advance, also recorded a big hit in quick succession. In addition, since 2018, regular events (4 Wednesdays of even months) 'Grammin' started at Shibuya Club Ball, and have been well received every time. While based on reggae, the eclectic band sound that incorporates the essence of all genres is a life-size pop that connects the past and future of Shibuya, the 'city of music'. LISTEN:https://on. Soundcloud. com/Tp5oQTrack List:Side-A: Aliens (Part. 1)Side-B: Aliens (Part. 2)

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