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January 19, 2024
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Sworn Virgins is one of 57 (re)mastered albums that form the musical oeuvre of Omar Rodríguez-López. All albums are released in collaboration with Clouds Hill - some as re-releases, some are available on vinyl for the very first time now. This is the first album from the deal with Mike Patton’s Ipecac label. The idea was to make one album for this imprint. In the end, this was number one of 24.

  • 1. Pineapple Face
  • 2. Not Even Toad Loves You
  • 3. To Kill A Chi Chi
  • 4. Trick Harpoon Stare Of Baby
  • 5. High Water Hell
  • 6. Saturine
  • 7. Crow's Feet
  • 8. Heart Mistakes
  • 9. Logged Into Bliss
  • 10. Fortuna
  • 11. Twice a Plague

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