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January 19, 2024
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Is It The Clouds? is one of 57 (re)mastered albums that form the musical oeuvre of Omar Rodríguez-López. All albums are released in collaboration with Clouds Hill - some as re-releases, some are available on vinyl for the very first time now. This yet unreleased record appeared for the first time in the encompassing box set “Amor De Frances” and is now available as an individual record.

  • 1. Is It The Clouds?
  • 2. Mere Centimeter
  • 3. Gently Tamed
  • 4. Rat Pain
  • 5. Once A Broken Human
  • 6. Amor Frio
  • 7. Which Came First
  • 8. Your Own Worst Enemy
  • 9. Solving This Again
  • 10. Broken (Reprise)

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