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Old Firm Casuals - A Butcher's Banquet

Old Firm Casuals

A Butcher's Banquet

Release date: July 10, 2020
Following suit after repressing some of the band's other epic releases in new, arguably more collectible formats, we are extremely proud to present A Butchers Banquet for your vinyl dining pleasure... Pressed using Pirates' brand new UV printing technology, this record is some thing for a collector to hold in their hand and feel like they've never held a record like it before. The A-Side looks like a red vinyl record, until you notice the band and album name appearing as a shadow underneath the grooves. The B-side is printed full color, and looks just like a picture disc... and the whole thing sits in a printed picture disc sleeve with the original album artwork appearing as the front cover, behind it a mirror foil gold backing card that folds out and doubles as a gatefold lyric insert. The word classy doesn't really even sum it up... Moving all the tracks to one side, and giving the listener a full 45RPM 17-minute blitz of the Casual Rock 'N' Roll that this band is so well known for is the real prize here. This album has never sounded as good, and this unbelievable vinyl treasure is bound to satisfy the appetite of fans and vinyl collectors across the globe! Go ahead, stuff your face with rock 'n' roll. You deserve it.
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10 July 2020 / More records