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Okey Dokey -Once Upon One Time

Okey Dokey

Once Upon One Time

Release date: January 15, 2021
Syle: Rock
Once Upon One Time is the latest evolution in a creative partnership that dates back to 2016 for Okey Dokey. While crafting Once Upon One Time, as Okey Dokey called on an impressive list of aforementioned collaborators that also includes My Morning Jacket's Carl Broemel and the Shins' Yuuki Matthews to handle mixing duties throughout. The record has so much more dynamics than what we would've gotten by ourselves, Martin exclaims, and a sense of vibrancy indeed rings through Once Upon One Time. And that sense of community is what makes Once Upon One Time such a memorable and deeply felt listening experience--music that sounds unbelievably human even when exploring some far-out sounds, with an emotive streak that's easily relatable. We wanted to write a record that had honesty, as well as experiences you can reflect on, Martin explains. Every mythic story is based on an energy flow that's passed through oral tradition, and that openness is something we wanted to pump up as much as possible. And Fisher succinctly and perfectly sizes up the group's aims: We want to make timeless music. I don't care much for anything else.
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15 January 2021 / More records