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Ogre Sound - The Rise Of The Synths

Ogre Sound

The Rise Of The Synths

Release date: June 11, 2021
Original motion picture soundtrack vinyl
The Rise of the Synths follows a group of composers from different countries who, in the mid 2000’s, unknown to each other but with the help of Myspace and social networks, spontaneously created an underground music scene known as Synthwave. It was the first time the Internet gave birth to a real music scene. Synthwave is defined as modern electronic music heavily inspired by the music, soundtracks and pop culture of the 1980’s, it is an irresistible blend of nostalgia and music; of creative processes and cultural references; of re-appropriation and legitimate creation. The Rise of the Synths is a journey back and forth in time, from the roots of the scene to its impact on today’s pop culture. Exploring a secret world, populated by some of the last rebels on the Internet, the film asks various questions, including: “Why now, this nostalgia for the 80s? Where does it come from? And what will become of it?” The film contains various interviews with both established and upcoming Synthwave artists, exploring their sources of inspiration which range from early electronic pioneers such as Giorgio Moroder, Vangelis and Tangerine Dream to a collective love of 1980’s films and video games. The film features an International cast of artists: 80s Stallone, Vehlinggo, Carpenter Brut, College, Dance with the dead, Drive Radio, Dynatron, Electric Youth, Filip Galetic (Synthwave TV), Gost, Gunship, Holodeck Records, John Bergin, Jurgen Desmet (Playmaker Media Group), Lazerhawk, Maethelvin, Mecha Maiko, Miami Nights 1984, MPM Soundtracks, Nightcrawler, NINA, OGRE, Pauline Putrescine, Perturbator, Power Glove, Robert Parker, Scandroid, NewRetroWave, The Midnight & Waveshaper.
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11 June 2021 / More records