Octo Octa Dreams Of A Dancefloor

Release date:
October 20, 2023
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Dreams of a Dancefloor' is the latest EP by Octo Octa (aka Maya Bouldry-Morrison) on her label T4T LUV NRG. Maya spent the last 3 years perfecting her engineering on these three sensual, beautiful and enveloping songs. For the opening track, 'Late Night Love', we hear Octo Octa capturing not just the subjective experience of dancing together, but also what happens after the party, making love and holding her partner close. It has none of the formalism of 'big trance' and is instead an extended house-trance missive all her own with beautiful resonances that evoke Motherbeat and the ineffable softness of true connection. The second track 'Let Yourself Go!' raises the tempo but maintains the mood of the record. The song is a classic Octo Octa ecstatic breakbeat acid jam written for building heat in the body and for speaker-dancing under a starlit sky. The E.P. closer, 'Come Here, Let's Commune', is an invitation to explore togetherness. The essence of the track is a gorgeous piano theme, grounded in Maya's belief that the dancefloor experience can be not only exciting and ecstatic, but also deeply moving and generative-a reminder that underground dance culture offers permission for connections unsanctioned in the dominant society.Tracklisting:

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