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February 9, 2024
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Oceanvs Orientalis and Ilhan Ersahin first entered each other's orbits by chance at a performance at Turkey's Cappadox Festival in 2018. Oceanvs Orientalis is renowned for his fusion of Eastern musical motifs and traditions with cutting-edge electronica while Ilhan Ersahin has long plowed a unique path uniting assorted musical strains from around the world via an exploratory jazz-improv sensibility. Following two tracks ("Mesta" and "Pire") co-written by Ilhan and OvO and released as collaborations, and two more Ersahin/OvO co-writes ("Revenge Of The Wankers" and "Television") released under OvO's name alone, a fresh and exciting new song called "1980" now heralds a full-length collaboration slated to land in Spring 2024.

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