Oblivion Reflections Ep

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April 8, 2022
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OBLIVION- „Reflections“ For fans of Metallica, Depressive Age and Iced Earth! For the first time on vinyl! LP with printed inlay (liner notes, photos)! The original CD is a rarity today! Oblivion originally came from the Heidelberg area. At the end of the eighties, the band first started to play exclusively cover versions, before they, just like many others, turned to playing self-composed songs. And fortunately they did so, because otherwise the metal world would have to do without their single recording “Reflections” and it’s four tracks. „Reflections“ was recorded in Face Studio (Highlander, Pegasus, Guru Guru) in 1997 and pressed on only 500 CDs in 1998. Thanks to numerous gigs that attracted more and more fans those copies were quickly sold out. Unfortunately, at the beginning of the two-thousands, a heavy blow terminated the band’s career. In 2021, Golden Core/ZYX Music released the rarities compilation „Sound & Action - Rare German Hardrock And Metal, Vol. 1“. While doing research for this sampler, we also came across Oblivion, with their now rare CD called „Reflections“, via the long-defunct Face Music label. After agreeing on one song for the compilation, the idea came up to release this gem on vinyl for the first time. The four tracks were remastered by Neudi (Manilla Road, Trance, Griffin, etc.) and then optimized for the medium vinyl by Vadim Kulin (ZYX Studio, Merenberg).

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