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June 21, 2024
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Few things compare to the experience of watching O. live. Featuring the immense, vibrational bass-weight of Joe Henwood's baritone saxophone played through his array of dub and distortion pedals, as well as the blisteringly precise yet expressively fierce drumming of Tash Keary, the South London duo's shows are an assault of sound. With only two instruments, O. encompass everything from the euphoria of a dancefloor drop to ear-worm hooks. Their debut EP Slice was "a snapshot of different sides of the band, it's a playful taster," Tash says. "Whereas with the album, we're getting louder and more intense, experimenting with noise and our metal influences." On WeirdOs, the songs are honed through sprawling, improvised jams, resulting in finely-crafted music that channels massive energy. "It's total freedom," Joe says. "Two people taking every risk." Listen and revel in the madness.

  • 1. Intro
  • 2. 176
  • 3. TV Dinners
  • 4. Wheezy
  • 5. Micro
  • 6. Cosmo
  • 7. Green Shirt
  • 8. Whammy
  • 9. Sugarfish
  • 10. Slap Juice

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