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Ann O'Aro -Ann O'aro

Ann O'Aro

Ann O'aro

Release date: September 06, 2019
Label: Buda Musique
Format: LP Album
Young singer Ann O'Aro confronts her troubled upbringing (including an abusive relationship with her father centred around incest and abuse) through her music, poetry and dance, transforming her personal pain into a universal message of empowerment, underpinned by traditional Maloya rhythms.Emotionally raw lyrics sung in Créole.
  • 1.Lo Lor Kape?
  • 2.Dann Fon Laba
  • 3.Lo Shien
  • 4.K'm Out Ka
  • 5.Kap Kap
  • 6.Kamayang
  • 7.Zwazo
  • 8.Oktob
  • 9.Zardin
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06 September 2019 / More records