Novo Amor Collapse List

Release date:
April 5, 2024
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Novo Amor is Ali Lacey, who began Novo Amor as a project of sorts, an act of defiance in the wake of a break-up, but along the way he found something quite unexpectedly rich and rewarding. Years ago, a summer spent by an evergreen-surrounded lake in upstate New York supplied both the impetus and imagery that he would use to craft his debut album 'Birthplace' (2018), and the follow-up, 'Cannot Be Whatsoever' (2020) in a house in Cardiff that was part home, part-studio. On 'Collapse List' (2024), Lacey reflects on the record and how it "speaks of my recognising what needs to change in my life, from my location, my feelings towards making music, the nature of my relationships and such... It started to feel like a catalogue of personal growth; my own little collapse list. "

  • 1. First Place
  • 2. Same Day, Same Face
  • 3. Placeholder
  • 4. Years on
  • 5. Me V2
  • 6. Co-Pathetic
  • 7. Hotel
  • 8. Easy Feeling
  • 9. Land Where I Land
  • 10. Sand & Sky
  • 11. Ornaments
  • 12. Just Another Way

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