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Novae Militiae -Topheth

Novae Militiae


Release date: April 09, 2021
On the hideous opus the French satanic legion further refine and sharpen their mortal aural blade, slicing reality into shreds to reveal a massive gaping aural wound that oozes and festers with the abhorrent virulence of complete armageddon. The negativity-encompassing album once again assumes a sinister ritualistic and liturgical splendor as well as the iconic theological and biblical delineations that have made this band so recognizable and unique through a marvelous juxtaposition of atmosphere and ferocity, threading a diseased tapestry of inverted sermons and perverse summonings to serve as textural backdrop to it's primordial wrath of complete black metal incineration. Grace has given birth to their most luminous and magnificent album to date.
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09 April 2021 / More records