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Nora Dean -Peace Begins Within / Ay Ay Ay Ay

Nora Dean

Peace Begins Within / Ay Ay Ay Ay

Release date: June 19, 2020
7' SINGLE IN A HARLEM SHUFFLE HOUSE BAG! Although one of the greatest Reggae female vocalists, little is known about Nora Dean. She recorded solo and also as a member of The Soulettes, The Ebony Sisters and The Soul Sisters. Nora Dean's most known song 'Barbwire' was a number one hit in 1969. Her songs today are considered great classics among early Reggae fans. As both sides of this single shows, Nora Dean was without doubt one of the greatest Jamaican voices ever. 'Peace begins within' is an beautiful uptempo early Reggae masterpiece where Nora's vocal ability really shows. It is an unusual song depicting in a few words the hard reality of life, on an uplifting early Reggae beat. Brilliant track! The original single is one of the most sought after Reggae 7' vinyl ever with a price tag of about 900 dollars a piece if you can ever find one. We wanted to do something very special for this release so we selected the 1969's 'Ay Ay Ay Ay' for the B side. 'Ay Ay Ay Ay' is an unusual track, a very Jamaican song although not quite Reggae, wonderfully weird where Nora sings, moans, laughs, shrieks, whistles, delivering one of her most compelling vocal performance on a background of tribal drums and hypnoctic guitar. Irresistible!
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19 June 2020 / More records