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January 20, 2023
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Sound of the drizzle hitting the skylight, summer bonfire at La Caillère, chimes in Le Bono's cinerary garden, Pat Patrol's phone beep beep, a jogger, a tap, Patrick's bees, the oven before cooking the pizza, a regional express train, a HST, a belt sander, Linda Oláh, a child's heartbeat during ultrasound examination, a child saying Grrr, lamenting, reading an E.E. Cummings poem, screaming, a speaking clock, a whistling firecracker, a scrap metal unloading, breaking and squealing ice, the light rain in a white morning in Béarn, collective crosswords in the Créac'h lighthouse in Ouessant, a galician song collected with Blanca Villares from Lugo, Isabel Sörling, bells in Cagliari and Blain, a popular melody from Basilicate sung in ancient neapolitan, Elsa Corre, a brass band warming up, a printer, a lamp snapping, a singing dog from New Guinea, Loup Uberto, a spider and a fly, a sailor's jersey dripping, bells from a herd in Serra da Estrela, demonstrators in Turkey, applause, sustained sounds from a choir, the swing at Grandma and Grandpa's place, the shrouds in Binic's port during the storm, the halyards snapping in Le Bono's harbour.

  • 1. Makam Fantôme I
  • 2. Chien Chien
  • 3. Makam Fantôme II
  • 4. Parrandada de Entroido de Canizo
  • 5. Fronni D'alia
  • 6. Coeur de la Montagne
  • 7. Mots Croisés

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