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July 26, 2024
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It's been three years since Glasgow musical collective Nightshift's last album ("Zöe", 2021) & aside form an odds & sods tape compilation "Made Of The Earth", the group has remained relatively quiet on the recorded front. Newly regrouped into a quartet, the band has readied their proper follow up to "Zöe" & their third album "Homosapien", again for Chicago's Trouble In Mind Records.Recorded & mixed in the band's rehearsal space by members Chris White & Andrew Doig, "Homosapien" started to take shape in Summer 2023. Writing had begun prior, but due to a crucial lineup change, the band had to start again. Thankfully, once they regrouped, the assembly and recording of the new set of songs was fun and relatively quick.Notably, the band has lost some members, gained a new member & shuffled some roles; former drummer Chris White (Spinning Coin) is now on guitar. His distinctive playing delivers a countrified energy that is central to the album, leading the song structures into more succinct and colorful places, matching the upbeat and playful nature the band has always drawn strength from, only more so now under his stylish approach. Primary vocalist & keyboardist Eothen Stern (also of 2 Ply)'s lyrical gifts illuminate the group's output with an optimistic urgency that is unmatched. On 'Homosapien' she wears her heart on her sleeve, but even in the song's darkest moments, the words create a sense of hope and potential. She doesn't shy away from politics or contemporary love languages and finds humor, earnestness, and critique at every turn. Andrew Robert Doig continues to play bass (Dancer/Robert Sotelo) and provides occasional lead vocals on tunes like "Together We Roll" & "Mellow Baby". Newest member & drummer Rob Alexander (Tarantula/Radio Banter) allows for a second new development in the band dynamic. Replacing Chris (his longtime friend from childhood) is no mean feat. Thankfully his drumming is an avalanche of skillful technique with a glorious abandon that swerves it away from the academic and absolutely into a wild and tactile performance that lifts the sound of the album (he also plays accordion and tin whistle). Friend & colleague Ray Aggs (Shopping, RAGGS) also contributes fiddle to "Sure Look" & "Phone".Nightshift's newest songs were born out of some genuinely existential times (birth, death and love all played a very real part in the gestation of the new record). Songs like first single "Crystal Ball", "Cut" & "Side Effects" all touch upon struggle created by an ever encroaching fascist government (brought about by Brexit) & the effects austerity has upon their people. Other songs like "Sure Look", "Phone" & "Crush" deal with matters of the heart while "Your Good Self" & "Together We Roll" take on self-preservation & community. It's a great irony that the band are sculpting their most succinct and tuneful music yet from this potential chaos, but it's this unexpected quality that drives them onwards into a dizzying universe. 'Homosapien' is released on July 27th via Trouble In Mind on black vinyl, limited "technicolor fruit basket' swirled vinyl & will stream on most DSPs worldwide.

  • 1. Crystal Ball
  • 2. Sure Look
  • 3. Together We Roll
  • 4. S.U.V
  • 5. Your Good Self
  • 6. Cut
  • 7. Side Effects
  • 8. Phone
  • 9. Y. T. Tutorial
  • 10. Mellow Baby
  • 11. Crush

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