Night Tapes Dream Forever In Glorious Stereo / Download Spirit

Release date:
November 10, 2023
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This double 12' LP contains the two inaugural EP's (2019's 'Dream Forever In Glorious Stereo' & 2020's 'Download Spirit) from emerging dream-pop trio Night Tapes. Recorded between 2018-2020 in a small house in South London, this record was inspired by their own experiences of finding peace in a sleepless city. The trio combines electronic production, live instrumentation, and vocals, into a wistfully melancholic yet vibrant debut record.Night Tapes started out as evening jams between housemates Max Doohan, Sam Richards and Iiris Vesik in London. Night time London, genre-blending, multi-fidelity recordings and honest reflection contribute to their atmospheric soundscapes that ultimately make for fresh and envelope pushing dream pop.Tracklisting:

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