Nickelman Beatsgrocery

Release date:
September 9, 2022
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Yuki Kitano, better known as Nickelman, is a beatmaker/producer residing in his vibrant hometown of Osaka, Japan. Although Yuki has been making music as Nickelman for over 15 years, it is only within the last decade that he has created his signature sound, a dusty, warm, lofi, blend of vintage synths, layered with hazy drum kicks. Nickelman is set to release his newest self produced album, titled 'BeatsGrocery' via URBNET. The twelve track record is a dreamy blend of instrumental hip hop fused with elements of soul, jazz, and rare groove. Using an MPC2000XL, SP-303, and Tape Echo, Nickelman recorded the album onto a cassette tape, to achieve a lush warmth that carries through each track. 'BeatsGroccery' is the quintessential head nodding soundtrack for hot and humid city nights of Summer 2022.

  • 1. Chocolate Cookie
  • 2. Bloom
  • 3. On the Corner
  • 4. Mixnuts
  • 5. Soulflute
  • 6. Mundo Novo
  • 7. Sofa
  • 8. Simplesong
  • 9. Dusty
  • 10. Highnoon
  • 11. Milliondream
  • 12. Dreamer

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