Nick Lowe Indoor Safari

Release date:
September 13, 2024
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Nick Lowe returns with Indoor Safari, his first studio album in over a decade. Backed on every track by Nick's trusted collaborators Los Straitjackets, Nick exhibits his razorsharp songwriting ability through a multitude of sonic environments. With his signature wit on display for grooving numbers like "Went to a Party" and "Don't Be Nice to Me," to the heartfelt sentiment on "Blue on Blue" and "Jet Pac Boomerang," and topped with Nick breathing new life into hidden gems of the '60s like "Raincoat in the River" and "A Quiet Place," Indoor Safari demonstrates how Nick Lowe continues to make his mark as a performer, songwriter and producer over a half-century after his start in the music industry.

  • 1. Went to a Party
  • 2. Love Starvation
  • 3. Crying Inside
  • 4. A Quiet Place
  • 5. Blue on Blue
  • 6. Jet Pac Boomerang
  • 7. Tokyo Bay
  • 8. Trombone
  • 9. Different Kind of Blue
  • 10. Raincoat in the River
  • 11. Lay It on Me Baby
  • 12. Don't Be Nice to Me

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