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Nicholas Krgovich - This Spring

Nicholas Krgovich

This Spring

Release date: May 28, 2021
Label: Tin Angel
Nicholas Krgovich is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Vancouver, Canada. Described by the legendary Robert Wyatt as 'quite beautiful, very touching... human' he has been releasing records and playing shows since 2002. He formed his first band P:ANO while still in high school, they made a string of acclaimed chamber pop albums, which led to recordings with the girl group-inspired GIGI, the icy displacement of the R&B informed NO KIDS, and most recently (and consistently) the singular pop dreams released under his own name. Even though the material is often wildly diverse, there is an unmistakable sense of Krgovich's deep commitment to exploring the endless possibilities of pop, his discerning ear for sonic detail, and an ambition that occasionally borders on the absurd. Where Am I From / Lucklucky / Bedlam / Born Lucky / 15 Years / Miracles / Bad Heart / Driven (excert) / Burst/ Neighbourhood Song / Carnage / Sleepers / Plants / Slumber Queen / A Toast / Noahs Ark / This Spring
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28 May 2021 / More records