Neurotic Fiction Neurotic Fiction

Release date:
September 25, 2020
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Romance is Neurotic Fiction's final exhalation. Dragged around the block, dishonored at the dinner party, pining over it's own reflection, it crawls back into bed with it's tail in it's mouth, surrendering four agonizing spasms of neurotic obsession before it expires, liberated at last from it's waking thought - "oh no, not again". Four more tracks of frantic hook filled post-punk with elements of garage, indie pop and surf. Clever, thought-provoking lyrics tucked in between tasteful riffs on a Wurlitzer. Recorded with Mark Jasper (Witching Waves / Soundsavers Studio) at Delicious Clam in Sheffield, it neatly captures the magic of Neurotic Fiction's shimmering guitar and intertwined vocal lines.

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