Michael Nesmith / Red Rhodes Cosmic Partners: The Mccabe's Tapes Picture

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November 22, 2019
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7A Records are delighted to announce the release of their third Michael Nesmith album. Recorded at McCabe's in Santa Monica, CA, on August 18th, 1973, "Cosmic Partners - The McCabe's Tapes" is a rare and previously unreleased concert recording featuring Nesmith and a small coterie of fellow musicians, including long time recording partner and pedal steel player Red Rhodes. Released on November 15th limited edition 1000 ONLY 180gm 12" Vinyl Picture Disc. This recording is from a mini concert tour that was in support of what was to be Nesmith's final record on the RCA label, Pretty Much Your Standard Ranch Stash. The dates would reunite him with the remnant players from Nesmith's Countryside label, under Elektra. Consisting of a rhythm section featuring Danny Lane on drums and Colin Cameron on bass, and the legendary O. J. "Red" Rhodes on pedal steel, this would be the last performance of it's kind and the beginning of an almost Homeric journey for Nesmith. On the heels of an inordinately successful Monkees TV show, the hangover from overnight celebrity, and the disappointments that so often follow such ascents, this forgotten and almost lost board mix in all it's unvarnished glory (remastered here by Christian Nesmith, Michael's oldest son) stands as a ready witness to the spirit of a man full of heartache, a performer bruised by the claws of the star- maker machine, and an artist whose songs have become touchstones for our lives. What you hear is exactly as it happened with no overdubs or audio mumbo jumbo. The perfection you hear is totally for real.

  • 1. Welcome to McCabe's
  • 2. Tomorrow and Me
  • 3. The Upside of Goodbye
  • 4. The Sock Cymbal Scared Me
  • 5. Grand Ennui
  • 6. Some of Shelly's Blues
  • 7. Cosmic Partners
  • 8. Rose City Chimes
  • 9. A Dog Wrote It
  • 10. Poinciana
  • 11. The Crippled Lion
  • 12. Alice Nesmith
  • 13. The One Rose
  • 14. Propinquity (I've Just Begun to Care)
  • 15. Joanne
  • 16. Silver Moon

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