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Nectar - ...for Victory Full Dynamic Range Remastered Audio


...for Victory Full Dynamic Range Remastered Audio

Release date: May 17, 2019
Format: LP Album
What started off as an outlet to write songs that didn’t quite fit the mold of her punk-leaning bands, Nectar emerged as the shy solo project of vocalist/guitarist Kamila Glowacki in 2014. Now a full band, Nectar has stayed true to their punk and DIY roots and created a fully realized version of Glowacki’s quick and catchy beginnings. Authentic while not being a call back to false nostalgia, comparisons can be made to the Muffs, Blake Babies, and Cub. Knocking at the Door, Nectar’s debut full length, was recorded over the course of two days in the home studio of Luke McNeill (of Hospital Job, The Copyrights). Originally released on cassette via Infinity Cat Recordings, Knocking at the Door is now available on limited edition pink vinyl.
  • 1. Blinds
  • 2. Change Your Mind
  • 3. Ursa Minor
  • 4. Smile
  • 5. January
  • 6. Days
  • 7. Slouch
  • 8. Happy
  • 9. Somewhere
  • 10. Birthday
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17 May 2019 / More records