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Mystic Prophecy - Metal Division

Mystic Prophecy

Metal Division

Release date: January 31, 2020
German roaring Heavy Metal beast Mystic Prophecy announce the release of their new album "METAL DIVISION", out on January 10, 2020! After almost 20 years and 10 studio albums Mystic Prophecy finally found in ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records their rightful home, and this long overdue partnership is out for blood! After the success of their latest offering "Monuments Uncovered", one of Germany's finest heavy metal machine, Mystic Prophecy return with a new ground-breaking Heavy Metal masterpiece filled with massive riffs, anthemic hooks and furious melodies! "Metal Division" is definitely the band's heaviest and best work to date and will elevate Mystic Prophecy where they belong: to the HEAVY METAL pantheon! Pounding war drums start off this ultra-heavy bruiser, reminiscent of legendary anthems from the metal gods themselves. A call to arms to all heavy metal fans, fighting as one in the "Metal Division", destroying all non-believers! Coming out the speakers like hell on wheels, "Eye To Eye" takes no prisoners. A monstrous guitar riff is taken over the boiling point by Hanno Kerstan's driving double bass drumming. Pure JUDAS PRIEST "Painkiller" style heavy metal! A driving, anthemic rocker, "Hail To The King" will have you raising your fist and singing along with the infectious chorus. An ode to Alexander The Great. A track HAMMERFALL would be proud to call their own! Destined to be a fan favourite in concert. Some nice melodic guitar work and Lia's passionate vocals are offered on "Here Comes The Winter". "Reincarnation" is the song that epitomizes Mystic Prophecy's sound: very heavy, yet very melodic in the vein of DIO, with an instantly memorable chorus. Featuring a galloping riff in the classic Jon Schaffer / ICED EARTH style, "Mirror Of A Broken Heart" has some of Lia's most personal, intense lyrics - with a vocal performance to match. Sounding like a more melodic TESTAMENT in "Victory Is Mine", if getting the metal legions to bang their head was the goal of this song, then Mystic Prophecy have scored a major "victory". In fact every song is such a headbanger that the band should be required to include a neck brace with the album!
  • 1. Metal Division
  • 2. Eye to Eye
  • 3. Hail to the King
  • 4. Here Comes the Winter
  • 5. Curse of the Slayer / 666: 8 Messiah
  • 6. Dracula
  • 7. Together We Fall
  • 8. Die with the Hammer
  • 9. Re - Incarnation
  • 10. Mirror of a Broken Heart
  • 11. Victory Is Mine
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31 January 2020 / More records