Mylingar Doda Sjalar

Release date:
August 30, 2019
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Savagery in musical form takes a further step toward total sonic annihilation with Döda Själar, the culmination of a bestial trilogy from the eccentric intensity called Mylingar. A tempest of whirlwind-blackened death metal barbarity and animalistic filth, this album is unrelenting in it's intent to rend flesh from bone and inflict torment.There is no peace here-the guitars and riffs burn through everything like scorched earth with the scraping, gritty bass barreling forward into total massacre. All the while, the insanity is presided over by a voice neither animal nor human but both at once: diseased, psychotic and commanding. The pace remains maddeningly frantic, but relents as needed to revel in the violence of it's creation.Less an album of songs to enjoy passively, Döda Själar is an all-encompassing specter of claustrophobic oppression and pestilence, draping blackness over everything and leaving little but barren wasteland behind. Witness an unexplainable, unknowable force for the malevolent villainy that envelops our world.

  • 1. Obalansen
  • 2. Nedstigningen
  • 3. Offret
  • 4. Bländningen
  • 5. Mållösheten
  • 6. Giftet
  • 7. Forlusten

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