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June 14, 2024
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Originally from Brussels, My Diligence unveils it's fourth album, "DEATH. HORSES. BLACK ", marking a bold new step in the band's evolution. This latest release promises to captivate both hearts and ears hungry for musical innovation. Emerging onto the music scene in 2015 with their self-titled debut album, My Diligence initially embraced the sounds of stoner rock as a quartet. However, it was with "Sun Rose" in 2019 that the group, now reduced to a trio, elevated their art, captivating a new audience with their foray into progressive rock, drawing influences from bands like Torche, Helmet, and Elder. Their heavy, bold, and intense music marked a decisive turning point. Their 2022 album, "The Matter, Form and Power," solidified this trajectory, offering denser, more saturated, and mature compositions. The album stands out with an even bolder approach, featuring slowed tempos and more extreme vocals, reflecting the impact of influential groups like Cult Of Luna, Meshuggah, or Amenra. With "DEATH. HORSES. BLACK ", My Diligence continues their musical exploration initiated during the "The Matter, Form and Power" tour, pushing the limits of their creativity even further. The album skillfully blends various genres such as post-metal, psych-metal, doom, and shoegaze, all treated uniquely to create a distinctly original sound. Produced by Francis Caste at the Sainte-Marthe studio in Paris, the album stands out for it's impeccable clarity, where delays and echoes enhance each track. "DEATH. HORSES. BLACK " positions itself as a major work in My Diligence's repertoire. An album sparsely lit with bright moments but deeply rooted in an unsettling universe through dark lyrics. Themes such as insomnia, hanging for free expression, animal devotion to death, betrayal-violent subjects delicately approached. With lines like "Twisting the brambles to color the cowards," this album is a tableau describing darkness rather than a black and opaque painting thrown in your face. Poetry in harmony with the music, a deep delay from nothingness that simply leads you towards the light. Since 2019, My Diligence's lineup has remained unchanged, offering a powerful and distinctive musical configuration. The group consists of two guitars supported by four amplifiers, creating a massive sound. The robust distortions, enriched with captivating effects, enchant the listener. Added to this is a vigorous drum set, with lingering rhythms and complex patterns exercising a true hypnotic power on those who listen. This harmonious and impactful combination defines My Diligence's unique sound, a sonic signature that sets them apart in the contemporary musical landscape. FOR FANS OF : CULT OF LUNA, THE OCEAN, RUSSIAN CIRCLES, GOJIRA

  • 1. Death 5:44
  • 2. Horses 5:31
  • 3. Black 6:17
  • 4. Auspicious 5:44
  • 5. Interlude (the Bridle and the Bit) * 4:24
  • 6. Allodiplogaster Sudhausi 10:37
  • 7. Lucid Alley 5:14

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