Mustang India Beyond Raging Thunder

Release date:
December 8, 2023
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Product Description

1st album by this excellent band from India that plays a classic Heavy Metal with light touches of Speed, and influences from bands like JUDAS PRIEST, VICIOUS RUMORS, AGENT STEEL, MERCYFUL FATE, CRIMSON GLORY, early QUEENSRYCHE... Even if it seems like the world is getting smaller, Indian heavy metal is still something special, and it's not always easy to make all your dreams and wishes come true either. The highly motivated band MUSTANG has succeeded in doing just that, and presents its debut album "Beyond Raging Thunder", which has already been released on CD and digitally by a Spanish company and has already caused quite a stir. For vinyl, the band is proud of its collaboration with Golden Core, not least because this label was Manilla Road's last stop (the last three albums and the back catalog reissues). We've already read in numerous reviews and on social media that "Beyond Raging Thunder" is a first-class metal album. It was recorded in two studios in India, mixed in Canada and mastered in Germany. As the length of the album is too long for a single vinyl, two tracks are transferred to a 7" single that accompanies the LP. In addition to the full-color vinyl, a further bonus is a printed inlay with texts, liner notes and photos. The first edition of this particular LP will certainly be sold out soon...


“If you have not listened to these guys you simply need too! If you love over the top metal screams, melting metal riffs and ideas that are truly daring then check India's very own Mustang!” --The NWOTHM

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